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  • Co-operation makes it happen: Helping out the Niagara Local Food Co-op

    Arden Vaughn of Lake Land Meats and former board president for the Niagara Local Food Co-op. The co-op is in "dire straits financially," Arden says.

    I just ate a vegetable pot pie that I didn’t make myself, save for reheating it from frozen.

    Not my usual fare but I’m still getting back into the swing of cooking for myself since my daughter’s arrival four weeks ago. That makes convenience food fair game for me right now.
    This pre-fab pot pie is a little different, though, than what you might be conjuring. It was made locally by a St. Davids business called Health Nut Vegan Foods and I bought it through the Niagara Local Food Co-op. In fact, a lot of my recent meals have come from co-op vendors: Chana masala, sweet potato and black bean chili, tofu deli slices for sandwiches. None of it has unpronounceable preservatives or funky chemicals putting me at risk of indigestion or my daughter growing a third eye. Just simple ingredients, much like what I’d use if I were making each meal myself.

    While I’ve made a point of ordering regularly from the co-op, which is a virtual farmers market with shopping done online, that order with the vegetable pot pie made the entire two years I’ve been a member worthwhile. My life is made easier with healthy meal options that I don’t have to stress over making myself as I get accustomed to being a sleep-deprived mom running on fumes.
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  • Peach Tree
  • My favourite local food finds of 2013

    Something about this time of year that makes me reflect.

    Or maybe I’ve spent too long in newsrooms and like a reflex reaction — or bad habit — I feel compelled to compile a list of some sort to sum up the year that was.

    In an effort to satisfy either need, I present you with my five favourite local food finds of the year. These are locally made products or Niagara- grown foods that I enjoyed for the first time this year and they have fast become favourites.

    The stuff of cravings, pregnant or not. Items to which I’ve given precious permanent shelf space in my pantry and always seem to have room for in my belly.

    I share them with the hope you’ll give them a try and find yet another Niagara great.
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