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  • Regrets and potato doughnuts + a giveaway for Per La Famiglia

    Whitecap Books kindly provided me with a copy of Per La Famiglia: Memories and Recipes of Southern Italian Cooking for review but was given no input into the writing of this post.

    My biggest regret in life is not learning German.

    Saturday mornings spent as a kid trying to master what noun went with which definite article — der Hund, die Katze, das Mädchen — when I’d have rather been watching cartoons was enough to alienate me from the entire process. And much to my Oma Mayer’s disappointment, the rest of her existence was spent speaking in a German-English pidgin that included lots of gesturing when we were together.

    Now, nearly three years after her death, I’m finally trying to master the language. But for every new word I gain, I become more acutely aware of what I lost by having waited this long, including learning from her in the kitchen when I’d visit her in Germany.

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