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  • The perfect balance: arugula, mushroom and walnut risotto

    Arugula, mushroom and walnut risotto.

    Rumour has it tomorrow is the first day of spring. It’s supposed to show up around lunch time. 

     I can only hope it makes a grand entrance because despite what the thermometer says, from my perch in front of my laptop, it doesn’t look like winter is giving up its iron grip on us. I feel like it’s pulling a Charlton Heston, taunting us with “From my cold, dead hands…” 

    Just go already. 

    And while I have enjoyed this first real winter that I’ve experienced since moving back to Ontario from the Prairies 12 years ago, there was one issue starting to give me severe cabin fever: the lack of anything green and fresh that was local. I long for those signs of green garlic or wild hairy bittercress, despite its hideous name, that I found in my garden around this time last year, and celebrated like the gift that they were.
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  • Peach Tree
  • The Canadian Food Experience Project: A holiday breakfast tradition for the traditionless

    I don’t like Christmas.

    In fact, I may have said once or twice that I even hate it. Not in a Scrooge kind of way, though I’m sure it all sounds very bah humbug.

    In the first draft I wrote of this post, I probably went a little overboard in my explanation why and in the end, I feared, it sounded like the perfect accompaniment to the world’s smallest violin.

    For the sake of brevity or something vaguely resembling it — it is the holidays after all, and who isn’t pressed for time — I loved Christmas until I was 11 and each year had its traditions, including opening our gifts on Dec. 24, like many good German families.

    I remember how torturous dinner was every Christmas Eve because it seemed to take forever for people to clear their plates. I swear my parents ate slower than normal, just for kicks. And in my excitement to rip glossy paper to shreds to get at my loot, I had no appetite anyway.

    Being a good German family, we always had a real tree and we were never lavished with gifts. We got one larger, meaningful present and few small items that went with it — like the Wham! and Cindy Lauper tapes I got to go with my Sanyo ghetto blaster when I was 8.
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