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  • Hip, hip, hooray for hipster bread

    I made risotto for dinner on Friday night.

    With a radicchio begging to be used and a squash screaming at me that the end was nigh, I figured this was a good solution.

    I shredded the radicchio, diced my kabocha, chopped my onion and heated my oil. Things were going swell until I went to my pantry to discover I was out of arborio rice. I’m never out of arborio rice. But then I remembered my husband needed to rescue a damp BlackBerry a little while back, and my stash of short grains was sacrificed for the cause.

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  • Peach Tree
  • Pledging allegiance to the United States of Bread

    Jewish-style rye bread from United States of Bread by Adrienne Kane.

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

    Jan at de la terre bakery in Vineland will spare you some of his sourdough starter, if you ask nicely. Wheat, white or spelt, he’ll happily oblige your request for the magical stuff that gives a jump-start to his sublime loaves with their porous innards and tang throughout. The only catch is that you have to share the results with him.

    As someone who has never baked bread — well, until recently — I find that more than a little intimidating. It’s the culinary equivalent of spastic me asking to kick around a soccer ball with the German national team. I fear I could easily make a fool of myself, even though Jan has offered me the goods to play with rather than wait for me to ask.

    A few weeks ago, though, someone came into my life, promising to help me along when I do pay a visit to de la terre for my hunk of fermenting flour. Her name is Adrienne Kane and her assistance comes by way of her new book, United States of Bread: Our Nation’s Homebaking Heritage: from Sandwich Loaves to Sourdough (Running Press, $23). Continue reading

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