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  • The pull of fresh taffy at The Kitchen

    Chef Jenn Wilkinson of The Kitchen in Ridgeway.

    My column, Eating Niagara, runs every second Wednesday in the St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review and Welland Tribune.

    Jack Brewster sees untapped potential in his daughter, Chef Jenn Wilkinson.

    Were it up to him, he’d enter Wilkinson in an arm-wrestling competition. I hope he keeps me posted if that ever happens because my money’s on Wilkinson going arm to arm with just about anyone.

    After watching the chef pull taffy at The Kitchen, her newly opened bakery and food shop in Ridgeway, I feel confident the odds are in her favour, and therefore mine.

    Picture a cattle rustler swinging and throwing a lasso to net a steer. Now picture them doing it with a rope made of sugar and water weighing several pounds — one that gets longer and fluffier the more it’s thrown.

    I’m sure you can understand why Wilkinson is a bookie’s arm-wrestling dream.

    “From the time I could walk and talk, I was learning to make taffy,” she said.

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