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  • Sopa de Ajo: Cold medicine in a bowl

    The recipe for Sopa de Ajo in this post is an updated version of one posted previously to this site.

    My cat Louie has to go to a cardiologist.

    I don’t blame you if you guffawed at that, chortled, snorted or simply smiled. I’m convinced that’s just a fancy way of saying “Really expensive vet.”

    But my boy is sick. He had a cardiac event over the holidays and lost so much weight I could feel the sharp edges of his spine. He was far from his curious and engaged self. We need to figure out what exactly happened to a guy I’ve dubbed my editor since freelancing full-time.

    Louie, who literally showed up on our doorstep — I looked out the back door eight years and saw his big grey noggin and tenuous look — often joins me at the kitchen table during my workday writing sessions. He’ll curl up on the chair next to mine or he’ll sleep in my lap as I type.

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  • White asparagus soup revisited (Spargelcremesuppe)

    This post and recipe for white asparagus soup first appeared on this blog in 2012. It has been updated where necessary.

    Bleary-eyed and running on fumes, my husband and I landed on my aunt Sigrun’s doorstep in Germany almost a year ago to the day, only she wasn’t there.

    But her husband, Eckard was and he had a pot of my aunt’s Spargelcremesuppe (cream of white asparagus soup) ready for us.

    What he wasn’t ready for, however, was our appetite for what may just have been the best soup we’d ever tasted, especially after travelling thousands of miles and 14 hours. It was rich and smooth, creamy and bright. It took everything in me not to pick up the bowl set before me and pour its contents down my gullet. I struggled to pace myself instead and savour every spoonful.

    “Mehr?” Eckard asked us, somewhat reluctantly, in Ger-glish, the pidgin we speak to each other.

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  • More than a Sunday drive + Asparagus-forest mushroom soup

    Creamy Asparagus Soup with Forest Mushrooms

    The Place

    Winston Churchill called it the prettiest Sunday drive in the world. I don’t know of too many of us who would disagree the guy. The Niagara Parkway is a stunning stretch of asphalt that winds its way from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort Erie along the sometimes-thundering, always-swaggering Niagara River.

    In the summer, locals know it as the road to avoid if they’re in a hurry. There will always be Sunday drivers no matter what the day, rubbernecking at the posh abodes; testing their brakes in front of a fruit stand seen as they turn their heads nearly too late from admiring the home of someone smarter with their money than I’ll ever be.

    But when we do have time to drive along this meandering artery, boy, is it impossible not to marvel, no matter how many times we’ve taken a spin on it.

    The Parkway is packed with plenty of attractions — the man-made and those that Mother Nature had a hand in creating. Most of it, save for a small swath in the city of Niagara Falls, falls under the purview of the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC).  Continue reading

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  • Jawohl! Sauerkraut steps up its game in New German Cooking

    Creamy Sauerkraut and Wheat Beer Soup

    They are some of the most hurtful words you can say to a German, or someone of such stock.

    And while they weren’t said directly to me, the hushed tones in which a fellow guest at a dinner party whispered to her date “I don’t like German food,” revealed that she knew their impact and she was trying to shield me from their harm.

    I stared in disbelief that someone could actually feel that way about the food I grew up with; the food that brings me such joy, even if now I eschew much of it as a vegetarian. Whenever I travel to Germany, I boast with pride when I’m with my husband at a restaurant and read him the menu, suggesting the best morsels to get a taste for my ancestral land.

    The dinner guest justified her decision about an entire nation’s cuisine by recalling a meal she had during a business trip to Frankfurt. It was a pork knuckle the size of her head on a plate garnished with a few pan-fried potatoes. To her, that heavy, fatty beast of a dinner was German food. To many, that is German food — the stereotypical sustenance of a country known for its other sweeping generalizations of being populated by an efficient, punctual, beer and Riesling-loving people with a knack for building great cars.

    How could she not see that German cuisine was more nuanced and diverse than that? That yes, they can do pork and potatoes like it’s nobody’s business and give you enough to last a week, but they can also do morels and white asparagus in delicate cream sauce to make a person swoon? Or do up a salad plate that puts to shame our simple Caesars or iceberg wedges, even those gussied up with cheese and bacon. And don’t get between a German and his trout — oh the magic they work with their beloved Forelle. Continue reading

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