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  • Soup and self-loathing in Niagara

    Filling this bowl with soup is like giving yourself a hug.

    You know those days when you just need a hug?

    Well, that day has lasted all week for me.

    You see, I have two other posts, in different states of completion, that so desperately needed to go online before this one. But every time I look at them, I hit this wall of cinder block-like proportions (aka writer’s block). The problem is simple. While the words flow freely in my head when I think about them while doing other mundane stuff — I feel like I could write Hemingway under the table while I’m brushing my teeth — when I sit in front of this computer screen the words flow slower than sludge through a sewer pipe.

    I am sleep deprived. Eight months into this parenthood thing and I can tell you my daughter is perfect at everything except mastering the art of sleeping for extended periods of time. We were on track — so on track because she’s perfect, of course — to nail this mythical feat called sleeping through the night when she just changed her mind. There was no consultation with the rest of us. She just up and did it, going from waking once or twice a night to five or six times. Continue reading

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