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  • Lentils are the new black: The January Listicle

    So much for no longer being grossed out by eating food drooled on by my daughter. 

    It seems that in trying to spare too much grub from winding up in our green bin, I’ve sacrificed my immune system. I’ve been taken down by a bug for the third time in a month and while I can’t be certain it was her, I’m blaming the person who loves to spread her saliva everywhere, including on me.

    So I was going to post a how-to for my feel-better elixir, my winter lemonade. But it’s the most un-Niagara recipe ever (lemons, fresh ginger and turmeric, and cayenne) save for the dollop of honey added at the end, which is proudly from Bartel Farms. If you have the chance to get your hands on a jar, do it. It’s liquid gold; nuanced and as much an example of Niagara terroir as a bottle of Riesling made here. That said, it seemed like the perfect time for a listicle. A lentil listicle, to be exact. Continue reading

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  • Peach Tree
  • Lucky lentil soup and lofty goals

    Lentils and other beans are said to bring good luck when eaten for the new year.

    I’m not superstitious but I wish I could have a do-over of New Year’s Day just so I could eat some beans.

    Legumes are believed to bring good fortune when eaten during the changing of the calendar and after 2014, which was a banner year for me, I want to do as much as possible to help 2015 continue on such a positive path.

    I gave birth — twice — first to my daughter and then to my book, both of which are events I had only dreamed of previously. To have both happen within months of each other often makes me marvel. I’m really not sure how I accomplished either, in hindsight. I don’t say that in a “Whoa, look at me,” kind of way, but more of a “Wow, how did I pull that off?” loaded-with-self-doubt statement. Giving birth always petrified me, which could be why I waited until I was 37 to do it. And writing a book, well, as much as I had imagined doing it since I was a child, grown-up me figured it would remain an elusive achievement because I wasn’t sure I had the discipline to do it.

    And so those beans in my bowl on Jan. 1, symbolic of prosperity, would have made me feel that much better about what’s ahead. That I can do it — whatever it may be — in 2015. Still, as a vegetarian (yes, I call myself that despite my recent serial monogamy with smoked trout), I have eaten plenty of beans in the past year, so I can’t help but think I’ve accrued some serious legume credit to hold me in good stead for the 12 months to come. Continue reading

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  • Peach Tree
  • Gratitude: A recipe for zucchini lasagna with lentils

    Zucchini lasagna with lentils.

    I live by the rule that friends don’t give friends zucchini.

    It has worked out well for me, keeping the summer squash, super-sized at this time of year, at bay. But when a friend came at me the other week with one the size of Captain Caveman’s club and a pleading look in her eyes, I decided that sometimes friends should just shut up and take the zucchini.

    Even if I already had three pounds shredded and stuffed in my freezer, and another trio of green and striped brutes that could double as free weights languishing in my fridge.

    I think I did a pretty good job of keeping in check the glazing over of my eyes as I accepted the latest addition to my collection. Don’t get me wrong, I like zucchini. But at this time of year, I don’t think I’m alone when I say their ability to go from blossom to behemoth beast seemingly overnight, multiplying like rabbits all the while, is a bit overwhelming. Continue reading

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