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  • Page 208: A recipe for greens shakshuka

    Greens Shakshuka.

    I can feel my kidneys twinge every time I visit my community garden plot.

    Just the sight of those oxalic acid-packed greens — the chard, the beet tops, and to a lesser extent, the kale and spigarella — has me reliving every kidney stone I’ve ever had and feeling the ache of every future one setting in.

    I can’t quite bring myself to leave those greens to languish or give them all away even if it would mean a kidney-stone free future. They are among my favourite vegetables, despite what they can do to me. I just wasn’t expecting them to thrive as much as they have in my tiny plot.

    Which brings me to my other problem. My brain feels a similar, cramping twinge when I open my fridge and see my stockpile of harvested greens in every shade and shape. Inspiration is in short supply right now as I finish my job at the university, dig myself out from under my pile of freelance writing assignments and get pinned under a separation-anxiety suffering toddler whose favourite word is “Up,” said with arms thrust skyward to indicate indefinite clinging is imminent. Continue reading

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  • Peach Tree
  • Of green cookies and blue moods: A recipe for ginger molasses kale cookies

    This recipe for ginger molasses kale cookies is a healthful twist on a classic wintertime treat.

    If I was to eat something indicative of my mood these days, it would be the colour blue.

    But I learned in university, living one block from a Mac’s Milk with its tireless slurpee machine, infinitely spinning flavours in electric shades like a sugar-infused kaleidoscope, that blue foods do crazy things to a person. Scary things. Things that demand writing yourself reminders of “I ate beets last night” proportions to avoid eye-popping, heart-racing worry 12 to 24 hours later.

    So why so blah that blue foods would be like some sort of comestible pathetic fallacy? I returned to work two weeks ago; my maternity leave officially over. It was painful for so many reasons, not the least of which was going from spending most of my waking hours with my daughter to only seeing her for a couple each day.  Continue reading

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  • Lucky lentil soup and lofty goals

    Lentils and other beans are said to bring good luck when eaten for the new year.

    I’m not superstitious but I wish I could have a do-over of New Year’s Day just so I could eat some beans.

    Legumes are believed to bring good fortune when eaten during the changing of the calendar and after 2014, which was a banner year for me, I want to do as much as possible to help 2015 continue on such a positive path.

    I gave birth — twice — first to my daughter and then to my book, both of which are events I had only dreamed of previously. To have both happen within months of each other often makes me marvel. I’m really not sure how I accomplished either, in hindsight. I don’t say that in a “Whoa, look at me,” kind of way, but more of a “Wow, how did I pull that off?” loaded-with-self-doubt statement. Giving birth always petrified me, which could be why I waited until I was 37 to do it. And writing a book, well, as much as I had imagined doing it since I was a child, grown-up me figured it would remain an elusive achievement because I wasn’t sure I had the discipline to do it.

    And so those beans in my bowl on Jan. 1, symbolic of prosperity, would have made me feel that much better about what’s ahead. That I can do it — whatever it may be — in 2015. Still, as a vegetarian (yes, I call myself that despite my recent serial monogamy with smoked trout), I have eaten plenty of beans in the past year, so I can’t help but think I’ve accrued some serious legume credit to hold me in good stead for the 12 months to come. Continue reading

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  • A supper best eaten standing: Baked eggs with kale, cream and mushrooms

    Baked eggs with kale, cream and mushrooms.

    There is something to be said about a meal that’s too good to wait to sit down at the table to eat.

    Instead, it’s devoured standing up, leaning against the kitchen counter, plate or bowl in hand, eyes closed, chewing emphatically, head swaying slightly from side to side.

    A deep breath and another bite taken. No sense wasting time taking those few steps to the vacant chair nearby. This meal is simply too good to waste even a second of time on such decorous technicalities.

    I had one of those meals tonight. I had no idea it would be like that when I set out to make it, a few ingredients thrown together to use up what I had in the fridge.

    Kale, eggs, soy cream, mushrooms, butter, and shallots and thyme from the pantry.

    As I fried my mushrooms until the edges turned a warm caramel, I took in their earthy aroma. Nice, sure. But it wasn’t until I added the kale, coated everything in cream and added a pinch of thyme that the scent of heaven danced through the entire house.

    It should have been a sign that something resembling perfection was being concocted. But I wasn’t thinking about it like that. It was a pragmatic supper, one I was certain would do its job of sating my hunger and clearing some valuable real estate in my vegetable crisper.

    Continue reading

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