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  • Shaken and stirred: How to mix a cocktail like a pro

    This story originally appeared in Niagara Life Magazine

    There’s something to be said about the ease of wine and beer: open bottle or can, pour into glass and drink. Fussy oenophiles decant at will, but for the rest of us that sums up how it’s done.

    Yet someone who knows how to mix a cocktail does have a certain charm, no? For the physically uncoordinated, however, this can seem like a major spill and permanent stain waiting to happen. All the shiny gadgets required to serve the James Bonds in our lives could also leave us wanting to drown our sorrows for all the money we’d spend wetting their whistles.

    But you really can mix a cocktail like a pro without turning your bar table into an advertisement for Williams-Sonoma.

    Here’s how:

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