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  • Sweet potato cinnamon rolls for Angela Merkel

    I have a friend who shared with me an idea she had for a series involving the Proust questionnaire.

    I think it’s brilliant, given the people she’d like to reveal more about themselves. The personality test is one she’d like to put to chefs, so often asked to talk about their influences in the kitchen and favourite ingredients. I’d love to know who Jamie Oliver would be if not himself. That’s way more telling than his thoughts on kale.

    When I get really self-indulgent, I pretend in my head that someone is asking me such questions. It usually happens when brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror. Something about reflecting, I guess.

    If someone were to ask me the Proust-esque question, who are your heroes in real life or what famous person would you most like to have tea with, I’d say without hesitation Angela Merkel.

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  • Peach Tree
  • Rhubarb for the lazy

    I got an email this week that will likely wind up in the best emails ever file.

    It was from a local chef asking if I was doing another purslane giveaway. He was worried he may have missed it. Only one other person has ever written asking for purslane rather than await my offer on Twitter, where, when I replied enthusiastically with unlimited offerings and regular deliveries to potential takers, I was stonewalled.

    My reply to the chef, though, was more tempered; one of good news and bad. He needn’t worry about missing purslane season. It was still far too early for there to be much of the succulent weed. Unfortunately, I’m no longer yardsharing, so I don’t have access to a plot of earth that was the most prolific producer of purslane I’d ever had the pleasure of working. Continue reading

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  • Peach Tree
  • BS Pie: How I’m coping with a surplus of butternut squash

    Butternut squash cheesecake. (Next on my to-do list: working on my pie slicing skills).

    There’s a reason why an old adage is… an old adage.

    It has stood the test of time because there’s more than a kernel of truth to such a saying.

    Take ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

    Turn the clock back nine months and I turned to Twitter to help me deal with the mounting problem of a never-ending pile of spaghetti squash I had accumulated from CSA deliveries. As I looked at the massive heap, it seemed like the least versatile squash ever and whatever was I going to do to squish my squash problem?

    I got some great suggestions — spaghetti squash ramen, anyone? — but I also found myself thinking, ‘If only they were butternut squash.’

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