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  • Truths and aspirations: Cold Snap pear smoothies

    When I grow up, I want to be just like my toddler.

    She is the most honest person I know. Not in a brutal way, not even in a blunt way; simply in a matter-of-fact way because she knows no alternative.

    Take, for example, when I cook something. She is my official taste-tester. After gale-force blowing on a spoon loaded with something hot off the burner, I offer her a sample of my work and ask the scariest question known to any cook: Good? Does baby like it?

    She’ll nod emphatically if my creation makes the cut. If not, I get a simple ‘No’ and she walks away, making clear she doesn’t want any more. Her answer is said with no malice; no harm intended whatsoever. It simply is what it is. And I love her so much for it. Continue reading

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  • Peach Tree
  • The Canadian Food Experience Project: A holiday breakfast tradition for the traditionless

    I don’t like Christmas.

    In fact, I may have said once or twice that I even hate it. Not in a Scrooge kind of way, though I’m sure it all sounds very bah humbug.

    In the first draft I wrote of this post, I probably went a little overboard in my explanation why and in the end, I feared, it sounded like the perfect accompaniment to the world’s smallest violin.

    For the sake of brevity or something vaguely resembling it — it is the holidays after all, and who isn’t pressed for time — I loved Christmas until I was 11 and each year had its traditions, including opening our gifts on Dec. 24, like many good German families.

    I remember how torturous dinner was every Christmas Eve because it seemed to take forever for people to clear their plates. I swear my parents ate slower than normal, just for kicks. And in my excitement to rip glossy paper to shreds to get at my loot, I had no appetite anyway.

    Being a good German family, we always had a real tree and we were never lavished with gifts. We got one larger, meaningful present and few small items that went with it — like the Wham! and Cindy Lauper tapes I got to go with my Sanyo ghetto blaster when I was 8.
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