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  • Hip, hip, hooray for hipster bread

    I made risotto for dinner on Friday night.

    With a radicchio begging to be used and a squash screaming at me that the end was nigh, I figured this was a good solution.

    I shredded the radicchio, diced my kabocha, chopped my onion and heated my oil. Things were going swell until I went to my pantry to discover I was out of arborio rice. I’m never out of arborio rice. But then I remembered my husband needed to rescue a damp BlackBerry a little while back, and my stash of short grains was sacrificed for the cause.

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  • One to tuck away

    My heart sunk just a little bit the day I found out I was having a girl when pregnant with my daughter.

    I wasn’t disappointed that I would be mom to a girl. What I dreaded was being bombarded by pink and princess everything from well-meaning family and friends who got sucked into gendered marketing. I was determined my child would come into the world knowing there was more to it than fuchsia, mauve and tiaras.

    So my husband and I made a pact that we would keep the sex a secret until the big day. Still, that didn’t stop people from guessing based on how I carried and mostly what I craved to eat.

    It was sandwiches to start but then it was citrus everything. Continue reading

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  • Rhubarb for the lazy

    I got an email this week that will likely wind up in the best emails ever file.

    It was from a local chef asking if I was doing another purslane giveaway. He was worried he may have missed it. Only one other person has ever written asking for purslane rather than await my offer on Twitter, where, when I replied enthusiastically with unlimited offerings and regular deliveries to potential takers, I was stonewalled.

    My reply to the chef, though, was more tempered; one of good news and bad. He needn’t worry about missing purslane season. It was still far too early for there to be much of the succulent weed. Unfortunately, I’m no longer yardsharing, so I don’t have access to a plot of earth that was the most prolific producer of purslane I’d ever had the pleasure of working. Continue reading

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  • Of green cookies and blue moods: A recipe for ginger molasses kale cookies

    This recipe for ginger molasses kale cookies is a healthful twist on a classic wintertime treat.

    If I was to eat something indicative of my mood these days, it would be the colour blue.

    But I learned in university, living one block from a Mac’s Milk with its tireless slurpee machine, infinitely spinning flavours in electric shades like a sugar-infused kaleidoscope, that blue foods do crazy things to a person. Scary things. Things that demand writing yourself reminders of “I ate beets last night” proportions to avoid eye-popping, heart-racing worry 12 to 24 hours later.

    So why so blah that blue foods would be like some sort of comestible pathetic fallacy? I returned to work two weeks ago; my maternity leave officially over. It was painful for so many reasons, not the least of which was going from spending most of my waking hours with my daughter to only seeing her for a couple each day.  Continue reading

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