You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Email me at eatingniagara(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll get back to you.

Are all the words and images on this site yours?

Yes, they are unless otherwise noted (and looking back over the years, I wish some of those images weren’t mine, but hey, I’m a writer by training, not a photographer). I occasionally have friends write guest posts but I don’t post paid, pre-fab editorial content from outside parties representing businesses. In other words, there are no ads on this site posing as posts.

Who designed your site?

My friend Sebastien Marchal painstakingly moved everything over from Blogger to a custom WordPress site in late 2014. I’m still discovering a few things that got lost in translation (there are missing photos and wonky formatting in a few of the older posts) so bear with me as I try to fix them. If you notice anything in need of repair, please tell me. I will be eternally grateful and fix it pronto.

Do you do product or book reviews?

Try me. I am open to reviewing products or services that have a Niagara connection so if you want me to review your coffee grown in South America and roasted in Hawaii, sadly, it’s a no-go, no matter how good it is. As for books, I do review cookbooks that appeal to the way I eat and food lit that just appeals. As an author, I understand the importance of getting your book in front of as many eyes as possible so I do reviews as a show of support to fellow writers. I do not accept editorial input for book or product reviews, however, nor do I accept payment for the reviews that appear on this site.

Are you paid for the links you include in your posts?

No. I link to Niagara farms, food businesses and social organizations that I like and support personally, and that I believe may be of interest to you, the reader. None of the links are sneaky paid advertisements meant to look the part of prose but dupe readers.

Do you sell advertising space on your blog?

No. To be honest, it’s white noise on the eyes when I visit sites with ads so I prefer to keep this space ad free.

Are you open to freelance writing assignments or recipe development?

You bet. Writing is what I do for a living and you can find my work in a variety of publications, including the Niagara Postmedia dailies, Edible Toronto and the Toronto Star. As a former reporter, I feel comfortable writing about most topics but as you can tell, food, agriculture, and travel are my passions. So if you’re interested in working together, I’d love to hear from you. As for recipe development, I don’t have a culinary background but love to play. I like simple flavours and using as much seasonal, regional produce that I can in the recipes I create. If that fits with what you’re after, we’ll get along just fine.

What’s the scoop on your book, Niagara Food?

Thanks for asking. All the information on my book can be found over here.