Eating Niagara was born out of a passion for local food and farming in Niagara Region.

me-tooIt was the brainchild of me, Tiffany Mayer, who spent eight years as a daily news reporter with most of that time devoted to covering agriculture. Since leaving daily reporting, I continue to feed my love of all things food and farming through freelancing and with this website.

My first book, Niagara Food: A Flavourful History of the Peninsula’s Bounty (History Press 2014) is out now. I also write a regular food column for the Sun Media Niagara dailies. I’ve also written for Edible Toronto, The Toronto Star, Edible Buffalo, Niagara Magazine, and served as editor for Business Niagara for two years. Some of my recipes have also been featured on greenbeltfresh.ca.

I discovered my love of agriculture going to university in Alberta during a pork pricing crisis and later in Saskatchewan, when that province was in the throes of the “Grain Drain” with farmers simply walking away from their land because they couldn’t make a sustainable living farming.

My first reporting gig was in one of the most interesting and diverse farming areas of Ontario — Norfolk County a.k.a. the buckle of the tobacco belt — during a time of transition. It was there that I met some of the most innovative and passionate people working the land and trying to find profitable alternatives to the once mighty golden leaf.

From there, I landed in Niagara, the buckle of Ontario’s tender fruit belt, and continued to meet amazing people doing amazing things. All the while, I had the privilege of telling their stories and being fed well.

My goal with Eating Niagara is to tell the stories of the people growing and making our food here, my stories as an eater and cover all the ways that someone could eat Niagara — at the farm stand or market, in a CSA or grocery store, foraging, trying their hand at growing their own food, or in restaurants or their own kitchen. My posts are honest and self-generated. I do this out of a genuine passion for farming and food and not because anyone is paying me. This blog is my creative outlet.

This is one of the most beautiful regions in the world and there are so many stories to tell, so many meals to eat that this site barely scratches the surface. Still, I hope it gives you a taste for everything Niagara has to offer.

Random facts about me:

I hate celery.
I have four cats.
I founded the Garden of Eating — Niagara, a registered non-profit that harvests fruit for social agencies.
Kale is my favourite vegetable.
The “mother” in kombucha makes me gag.

I was a speaker at TEDx St. Catharines in October 2012.

I love a good glass of Riesling but I go weak in the knees for an oatmeal stout or porter.
MCA was my favourite Beastie Boy.
I can spin wool but I don’t know how to knit.
I’ve met the president of Iceland.
I’ve been nominated for and have won a handful of journalism awards but am most proud of my CFWF gold award for daily agriculture reporting in 2009.
Before I became a vegetarian, I used to love going to truck stops for liver and onions.
I will never take myself too seriously.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at eatingniagara@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.