Rah rah ramen

This was a staple of my diet once upon a time. But the humble ramen deserves
some credit and can easily be Niagara-fied for us locavores. (Keep reading…)

Stop the presses. I didn’t eat well in university.

OK, don’t stop them because who didn’t eat questionable “meals” during their academic career and somehow manage to graduate with brain function in tact, still relatively svelte with their res butt but a memory and having done little more exercise than lug a heavy textbook to and fro?

High metabolism, how I miss you.

One of the staples of my diet while doing my first degree was Mr. Noodles instant ramen. Not Sapporo Ichiban. At 88 cents a pop, I had to wait until Safeway put those puppies on sale and only then would I treat myself to such a gourmet package of noodles and salty pouch of simulated flavour. Otherwise, Mr. Noodles was my regular lunchtime companion. At 33 cents a package, who could afford not to eat them?

Add copious quantities of Frank’s Red Hot sauce to give the broth a fluorescent orange tinge and push the sodium levels off the proverbial charts and voila. I was sated and my heart was beating just a little faster.

This was my ritual every day for three years.

So why am I, someone who now flogs the antithesis of cheap processed food going on about my diet un-glory days? No, I’m not about to champion a local source of ramen (though throw in a few garlic greens from the garden, shredded local carrots and homemade hot sauce and you’ve got some Niagara-fied noodles).

I had to share what came by way of email today.

The exchange started with an unsolicited message from a man who asked me to look over  his team’s graphic and give feedback. It came from a gmail account and there was no explanation about what said graphic was. I grew suspicious, feared virus-spouting attachments or worse — something with a nightmarish image that would forever be seared to memory.

Instead, I got a ramen infographic by the masterminds at Hack College, on a mission to make young up-and-comers more tech savvy.  This very detailed and thoughtful picture dedicated to all things ramen gave me a laugh and taught me a thing or two about the squiggly noodles that once sustained me. Not sure how its creator got my email (did he come across my gussied up ramen recipe and think he found a kindred ramen-appreciating spirit?) but I’m grateful nonetheless.

The only thing seared to mind’s eye now is a cartoonish steaming bowl of noodles and the factory where they’re made.

So here it is. I hope it elicits a smile or at least gives you something to help you win your next trivia tournament.

And in keeping with all things local, check out the dandelion ramen recipe. Spring is coming and with it, those ubiquitous weeds. It’s how I plan to use some of my yard greens this year, though I think I’ll really treat myself and splurge on those 88-cent Sapporo Ichiban to eat with them.

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College

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