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July 29 — The wet, cool summer is taking its toll

I’m feeling somewhat discouraged at this point, with my biggest crop, and my love, tomatoes.

Up until a week ago, things were moving along nicely, a few lost plants in low spots due to wet weather, but that was bearable.
On Sunday morning, it was clear that lots of rain over a short period of time was taking its toll, and I have most definitely lost 1/3-1/2 of my tomatoes at this point.

Lots for the baskets, however tomato sales are hugely important to me and it is disappointing again that the weather has taken this turn. I have clay soil, which I have lightened over the years with lots of organic material, but it is still a heavy soil that holds onto moisture. In a year of drought or average rainfall I do very well, but too much rainfall, especially in a short period of time, is a difficulty.

Other crops are very happy — potatoes, beans, garlic, squash, cukes, beets, cole crops, carrots, to name a few. Peppers are okay so far. Eggplants are off to a very slow start because of the lack of heat. Basil and onions are both having difficulty as they were planted in lower spots and need dry weather.

I’m not anticipating going back to market this year now unless the weather turns things around, and I hope it does!
Such is the life of a grower who depends on the unpredictability of the weather….

August 4 — Still no break from Mother Nature

Again, a difficult growing year with cool temperatures and rain pummelling us on a regular basis.

Lots of new plantings have been washed away, and the soil isn’t really having a chance to dry out before the next rain comes along.

The garden was reasonably well weeded 3 weeks ago, but now is very weedy and I can’t take the tiller into it because of the wet soil. So hand weeding, an impossible task, is taking up some time, but I won’t get ahead of it. Because of this, I won’t be having my farm open house…it ain’t pretty here!

But some crops do seem quite okay with it all, particularly the potatoes, which need to grow a bit more before they appear in your baskets, and the cole crops seem to like it, too. Oh yes, and the tomatillos which are sprouting like crazy everywhere on this property! When they come, they will really come, so start looking up recipes now!

If anyone has any recipes they would like to share, or comments about the ones I have posted, please be my guest. My preference is for vegetarian recipes, in case you didn’t notice.

Stay well and eat your veggies!


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